General conditions

Résidences Louis

Résidences Louis is the trade name of the company Sci LouisBains, a non-trading property company with a share capital of €1,000, whose registered office is located at 22 rue Palissot, 54000 Nancy, registered with the Nancy Trade and Companies Register under number 532 918 760 represented by its manager: Clavier Quentin,

Résidences Louis provides an online platform as well as various tools, services and functions that allow users to reserve the properties presented. The services are provided via the URL

These general rental conditions apply to users of the site and to travellers.

Both accessing and browsing the site and using the services of Résidences Louis entails the full acceptance by the user and the traveller of the general rental conditions and the acceptance by the user and the traveller without reservation of all their provisions.

The general rental conditions are applicable during the entire period of navigation and access of the user on the site and for the entire period of use of the services by the traveller.

Résidences Louis reserves the right to modify the general rental conditions from time to time. The modifications made will be applicable from the moment they are put online on the site. The user and the traveller are therefore invited to check the site regularly to remain informed of any modification or update of the general rental conditions.




The purpose of these general rental conditions is to determine the conditions under which Résidences Louis offers users a set of services linked to the rental of property for seasonal use.



The user may be either a natural person or a legal entity. When the user is a natural person, this person must be at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to subscribe to the Résidences Louis services offered on the site.




Résidences Louis provides the user with assistance accessible by telephone on 06 77 82 29 82 or by e-mail at

The user service is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

The user may also submit any comments to Résidences Louis by post. To do so, he/she should send his/her complaints to Clavier Quentin, 39 Place de la Marne 88800 Vittel

They are only valid and taken into consideration if they are sent by post with supporting documents. A reply will be given to the user within a maximum of 15 days.



4.1. Procedure for booking a stay


The reservation process on the site leading to the conclusion of a seasonal rental contract between a user and Résidences Louis is as follows:

- The user can, by clicking on the links provided for this purpose on the site, make a reservation request for a given period by choosing one of the properties proposed and by indicating the start date, the end date of the rental and the number of adults and children (with the ages of the latter) present during the stay.

- The user indicates his/her contact details and agrees to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information during the booking process and to update said information in order to keep it accurate, relevant and complete. Résidences Louis reserves the right to suspend or cancel the reservation if any information provided during the registration process or thereafter proves to be inaccurate, fraudulent, outdated or incomplete, or otherwise violates the general rental conditions.

- The user chooses the method of payment: online payment or bank transfer (possible if and only if more than 9 days before arrival). When booking online, the user pays part or all of the stay depending on the date of booking and the date of arrival. If the date of arrival is more than 30 days before the date of reservation, then Résidences Louis asks for a deposit of 25% of the price of the accommodation and then the balance 30 days before arrival. If the arrival date is less than 30 days before the reservation date, then the total amount is due at the time of the reservation.

- The reservation request is then transmitted to Résidences Louis. Once the first payment has been received, the user receives an email confirming that the reservation has been taken into account and containing the information relating to the reservation. Without written confirmation from Résidences Louis, the reservation cannot be considered definitive.

By making the reservation request and by the payment made, the traveller accepts the general rental conditions. The traveller and Résidences Louis are committed and the rental contract is concluded.

In case of refusal of the reservation request by Résidences Louis, the traveller is informed.


4.2 Rental contract


The rental contracts are concluded between :

- the company Sci Louis Bains

- the user making a reservation request (cf. article 4.1.) designated hereafter as "the traveller".


Together "the Parties" and individually "a Party".

It has been agreed between the Parties that the company Sci Louis Bains rents to the traveller the accommodation as described below under the following conditions. This reservation is made and accepted at the price, charges, and special conditions indicated on the reservation confirmation, of which these general conditions form an integral part.


4.2.1. Purpose of the rental contract


The Parties declare that the purpose of the rental is not to rent premises for use as a principal residence or for mixed professional and principal residence use. Consequently, they agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by the stipulations of this contract, by the modified decree of 28 December 1976 and, failing that, by the provisions of the Civil Code.

The premises covered by this contract are rented furnished on a seasonal basis.


4.2.2. Consistency of the accommodation


The location of the accommodation is indicated on the booking confirmation.

The number of rooms and the maximum number of occupants are visible from the search on the website

The number of persons over 18 and under 18 years of age is entered by the traveller when making the reservation request (cf. article 4.1.) and is noted on the reservation confirmation that the traveller receives. If the number of adults/children/infants in the group is not correct, the traveller must immediately contact the user service (see article 3) so that the latter can make the necessary corrections. If the number of people present during the rental exceeds the maximum number of occupants, Résidences Louis reserves the right to refuse entry to the rental to the additional people, or to request, in view of the additional costs, a financial contribution.


4.2.3. Duration of the seasonal rental


The traveller reserves a stay for a fixed period and may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the property at the end of the stay. The start and end dates of the stay are noted on the reservation confirmation.

Résidences Louis rents the accommodation to the traveller on the date of arrival from 3.30 pm to the date of departure until 10.30 am.

Depending on the availability of the people hosting the travellers, the arrival and departure times may be modified. These times may be imposed on travellers on busy days (such as Saturdays in the summer) in order to satisfy as many people as possible while respecting the cleaning and disinfection protocols before and after each arrival and departure.

The persons who can welcome in the rentals are :


- All the partners of Résidences Louis,


Modalities at the beginning of the rental period: Arrivals are autonomous. An email will be sent to the client before arrival to explain the modalities and the entry codes. The client must specify his arrival time in the week preceding his arrival in the rental.

Return of the keys at the end of the rental period: The departure time will be specified during the stay. The traveller expressly undertakes to leave the accommodation completely free on the day of departure at 10.30 a.m. at the latest, and to return the keys to Résidences Louis. If the traveller does not leave the accommodation at the fixed time and does not warn of this delay, then Résidences Louis will invoice the traveller for an unannounced delay of 35.00 € TTC. Early departures are authorised and without supplement.


4.2.4. Rental price, charges and service charges


The rental price is fixed and stated on the booking form for the entire rental period as defined in article 4.2.3. This amount does not include optional services (cf. article 4.2.5), the tourist tax (cf. article 4.2.8), nor the guarantee deposit and the cleaning deposit (cf. article 4.2.7).

The rental charges include the following charges and equipment available:


- City water ;

- Electricity ;

- Electricity; Electric heating


4.2.5. Compulsory services :

Cleaning at the end of the stay is compulsory. The price is different for each flat. It is indicated on the website at the time of booking. It is automatically added to the total price. Optional services:

Some rentals have optional services added to the rental price.

These services are offered at the time of booking, together with their price.

For spa treatments :

The request for linen rental must be made at least 10 days before arrival in the rental. Duvets and/or blankets and pillows are already included in the rentals, the linen rental concerns bed linen, bath towels with bath mats, as well as tea towels.


Procedure for taking over the service order by a traveller :


- Transmission of the additional service order by the traveller to Résidences Louis by any means as defined in article 3 above.

- Acceptance of the additional service order by Résidences Louis and sending of the price proposal to the traveller.

- Confirmation by the traveller of his agreement by e-mail to the address

- Confirmation of the execution of the additional service order by Résidences Louis.

The traveller may also call upon Résidences Louis throughout his stay to order personalised services.


4.2.6. Reservation and payment


In order to proceed with the reservation of the accommodation, the traveller makes the payment of a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the rental.


The balance, after deducting the amount of the deposit, shall be paid by the traveller at the latest 30 days before entering the accommodation, by online payment, bank transfer or holiday vouchers.


For payments by bank transfer, our bank details are as follows

IBAN: FR76 1720 6002 6563 0482 2884 506



BANK : Crédit Agricole


You must indicate the reservation number, your first and last name and the name of the rental.


4.2.7. Tourist tax


The tourist tax collected by the territory will be paid by the traveller at the time of payment of the balance, at the rate in force on the date of the stay. The tourist tax is payable per adult per night.


4.2.8. Transfer and subletting


The rental contract is concluded intuitu personae for the sole benefit of the traveller identified at the time of booking.

Any transfer of the present rental contract, any total or partial subletting, any provision (even free of charge), is strictly forbidden. The traveller may not make the premises available, even free of charge and/or by loan, to a person outside his household.


4.2.9. Declaration by Résidences Louis


Résidences Louis declares that it is the agent of the accommodation and that it has the free disposal and full enjoyment of it during the period defined in article 4.2.3.


4.2.10. Obligations of the traveller


- The traveller shall use the rented accommodation, furniture and equipment peacefully according to the description given in the contract and shall be liable for any damage or loss that may occur during the period of the contract in the premises of which he has exclusive use.

- The traveller shall maintain the rented accommodation and return it in a good state of cleanliness and repair at the end of the contract. If objects are broken or damaged, Résidences Louis may claim their replacement value.

- He must avoid any noise likely to disturb the neighbours, in particular those emitted by radio, television and other appliances.

- The traveller undertakes not to smoke inside the accommodation.

- The traveller will not be able to exercise any recourse against Résidences Louis in the event of theft or damage to the rented premises.

- He will respect the maximum number of people who can enter the premises. If the number of persons present during the rental exceeds the maximum number of occupants, Résidences Louis reserves the right to refuse entry to the rental to additional persons, or to ask for a financial contribution in view of the additional costs.

- The traveller undertakes to return the accommodation in the same state of cleanliness as at the time of the entry inspection. If this is not the case, the traveller undertakes to pay for the cleaning that Résidences Louis will be obliged to carry out at the cost of the exit cleaning.


Please note that animals are tolerated in our rentals (under certain conditions and with a minimum supplement of 15 euros)

4.2.13. Insurance


The traveller is responsible for the rental risks and must indemnify Résidences Louis for any damage and/or prejudice involving its responsibility. In this respect, he/she must take out insurance covering "rental risks" (liability of the tenant vis-à-vis the owner) and benefit from a "holiday" clause stipulated in the fire or comprehensive policy of his/her main residence.


4.2.14. Cancellation


There are 2 cases:

If the reservation is for more than 19 nights, in the case of a spa treatment:

The deposit paid is not refundable.

You can subscribe to the cancellation insurance of our partner THERMASSUR, based in Dax. You will receive the brochure in another mail.

Please note: The traveller wishing to cancel his reservation less than 14 days before the effective date of the rental contract, will have to pay as compensation, 50% of the total amount of the rental. The sums already paid will be deducted from the sums due, the excess will be refunded.

In case of no-show on the effective date of the rental contract: if the traveller does not show up within 24 hours after the confirmed arrival date, the contract becomes null and void and Résidences Louis can dispose of the rental. The sum paid for the reservation remains acquired by Résidences Louis.

Résidences Louis wishing to cancel the reservation of the traveller, except in case of force majeure, will have to inform him as soon as possible and at the latest 30 days before the effective date of the rental contract. He will then refund the sums paid.

In the event that the reservation is for less than 19 nights:

The traveller wishing to cancel his reservation, except in case of force majeure, must inform us at the latest 5 days before the effective date of the rental contract, he will then be fully refunded. After 5 days, the total amount of the rental, except for the extras, will be due.

Any sums already paid will be deducted from the sums due, the excess will be refunded.

In case of no-show on the effective date of the rental contract: if the traveller does not show up within 24 hours after the confirmed arrival date, the contract becomes null and void and Résidences Louis can dispose of the rental. The sum paid for the reservation remains acquired by Résidences Louis.

Résidences Louis wishing to cancel the reservation of the traveller, except in case of force majeure, must inform him/her as soon as possible and at the latest 30 days before the effective date of the rental contract. It will then refund the sums paid.


Résidences Louis reserves the right to terminate the contract, without the traveller being able to claim any compensation, in the event of serious or repeated violation of one of the clauses of the present general rental conditions and in the cases where:

- A payment incident has been recorded;

- A use of the Résidences Louis services for fraudulent or illegal purposes has been attempted or committed by the traveller.




5.1. Obligations and responsibility of Résidences Louis


- The obligations of Résidences Louis under the general rental conditions are obligations of means. Thus, Résidences Louis will do its utmost to ensure that the Résidences Louis services function in an optimal manner. The responsibility of Résidences Louis can therefore only be engaged on the demonstration of a fault attributable to Résidences Louis.

- Résidences Louis will make its best efforts to ensure that the advertisements appearing on the site correspond as accurately as possible to the properties for which it provides rental management. However, users and travellers are informed that differences in relation to the original images may appear when digitising non-digital images or according to the different screen settings. Résidences Louis can in no way be held responsible for such differences. - Résidences Louis will ensure that the site is kept up to date from a technical point of view. This requires occasional maintenance which may result in restrictions on access to the site. As far as possible, Résidences Louis will schedule this maintenance at a time when it will affect the user's interests as little as possible. - Sites outside Résidences Louis with a hypertext link to the site are not under the control of Résidences Louis, which therefore declines all responsibility for their content. The user is solely responsible for their use. - The responsibility of Résidences Louis cannot be engaged in case of non-conforming use of the Résidences Louis services by the user and the traveller. - The responsibility of Résidences Louis can only be engaged for facts committed by a service provider in the execution of the services ordered by the user insofar as the invoicing is carried out by Résidences Louis and insofar as the proof of the exclusive fault of the service provider is reported. - Résidences Louis cannot be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the Résidences Louis services due to any event beyond its control, in particular in the case where an element known to the user and not communicated to Résidences Louis, would lead to a poor or non-execution of the service ordered. - Résidences Louis cannot be held responsible in the event of force majeure as defined in article 1218 of the Civil Code. It is expressly agreed that, if the responsibility of Résidences Louis is recognised by the courts in the execution of the general rental conditions, the user and the traveller, a legal entity, cannot claim any other indemnity or damages than the reimbursement of the payments made for the Résidences Louis services during the last 6 months. 5.2. Protection of personal data In order to enable the monitoring of the services entrusted to it in the interests of transparency for the benefit of the user, Résidences Louis is required to keep nominative data necessary for the proper functioning of the Résidences Louis services. In accordance with law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, Résidences Louis undertakes to declare to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms) this collection of personal data as well as any processing to which it may be subjected. Résidences Louis will make every effort to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the user's data. Résidences Louis will not communicate personal data to third parties, with the exception of service providers who must provide Résidences Louis services. Résidences Louis informs the user that he/she may at any time exercise his/her right of access, query, rectification, opposition, right to erasure, right to limitation of processing and right to portability of data by sending an e-mail to At the request of the user, Résidences Louis may delete his/her details at any time. The users recognise and accept that even if they no longer use the Résidences Louis services, Résidences Louis reserves the right to be able to keep certain data in accordance with the present general rental conditions and the applicable laws. The users also accept that the data relating to their stay in the properties managed by Résidences Louis or to one of their properties whose management has been entrusted to Résidences Louis could be transmitted and remain on other sites, for example Google in the event that the Google search engines copy the content of the Résidences Louis sites or systems. ARTICLE 6 - OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITY OF THE USER AND TRAVELLER 6.1. In addition to all the provisions described in these general rental conditions, the user and the traveller undertake to regularly update their contact details (email address, postal address, etc.). 6.2. The user and the traveller undertake to spontaneously and in good time provide Résidences Louis with all the information and documents that it will need to carry out the Résidences Louis services. All the details communicated by the traveller to Résidences Louis must be exact and current. In case of modification of his contact details, the Traveller must inform Résidences Louis in writing without delay. 6.3. The user and the traveller will be held responsible for any damage caused by the execution of the ordered service, if the prejudicial character of the service has not been expressly brought to the attention of Résidences Louis prior to its acceptance. 6.4. The user and the traveller are not allowed to, directly or indirectly: - Exploit, copy, distribute, reproduce, modify, translate, make publicly accessible or decompile the site, its content, any database integrated into the site, or any other similar element, in any way whatsoever, using automatic devices or through manual procedures. - Monitor content on the Site or communications using robots, spiders or other automatic devices. - Use the site for purposes other than those permitted by these terms and conditions. - Reproduce any portion of the Site on any other website or otherwise by any means, including, but not limited to, framing or edging the Site or employing any other framing technique to enclose any portion or aspect of the Site, or reproducing identically or duplicating any portion of the Site. - Transmit, send in any other way or place any content or program that could damage the system and network, or use any computer hardware or software with harmful content or containing harmful programs. - Use or access the Site in a manner that may damage a computer system or network, including by importing a virus (the term "virus" means, for the purposes hereof, any program that is deliberately introduced into a system without a functional purpose and/or for destructive purposes, such as to display an irritating message or to systematically replace the data residing on a user's hard drive) - Post or transmit false, fraudulent or misleading information in any way, or commit any act that could be considered phishing (whether primary, secondary or otherwise) and which would incur criminal or civil liabilitý. - Post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, indecent, inflammatory, sexually explicit, pornographic or profane material. 6.5. In addition, Résidences Louis reserves the right to take legal action against any user or traveller who contravenes these rules. 6.6. In case of violation of these rules, Résidences Louis, in addition to the right to delete the litigious contents without notice or compensation, reserves the possibility of suspending and/or cancelling the services and/or reservations of users and travellers. ARTICLE 7 - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 7.1. The presentation and each of the elements, including the domain name, brands, logos, signs, drawings, illustrations, photographs, texts, graphics and other files appearing on the site, are protected by the laws in force on intellectual property, and belong to Sci Louis Bains or are the subject of an authorisation for use. 7.2 The user and traveller are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable and private right to use the site and the data contained on the site. The right thus granted consists of : - A right to consult online the data and information contained on the site. - A right of reproduction consisting of a printout and/or a backup of the data and information consulted. This right of use is for strictly private use only. 7.3. Any other use of the site, in particular commercial, by the user or traveller is prohibited. The user and the traveller shall refrain, in particular, from reproducing and/or representing for any use other than private, selling, distributing, issuing, translating, adapting, broadcasting and communicating, in full or in part, in any form whatsoever, any element, information or data from the site, or from creating works derived from it. ARTICLE 8 - VARIOUS PROVISIONS If any provision of these general rental conditions is invalid, it shall be deemed unwritten, but this shall not invalidate these general rental conditions in their entirety, unless it is a provision that was decisive for one of the Parties at the time they came into force. However, the validity of the terms and conditions of hire shall not be affected if the parties agree to substitute a valid term reflecting their original intention for the invalid determinative term. No waiver by either party of any of its rights under the terms of the general conditions of hire shall constitute a waiver of such rights for the future. The Parties accept and acknowledge as valid evidence that may be produced in court, any exchange by e-mail between them. ARTICLE 9 - DISPUTES These general rental conditions are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, users and travellers, natural persons, may opt for conventional mediation or any other alternative dispute resolution method, in particular via the intervention of the consumer mediator (Title I of Book IV of the Consumer Code), a list of which is available on the website seize-mediator. Any dispute shall be submitted to the competent court of the place of residence of the defendant. For users and travellers who are legal entities, any dispute relating to the general terms and conditions of hire, resulting in particular from their signature, execution, interpretation, termination or validity, must be the subject of an attempt at an amicable solution by the Parties. To this end, the Parties agree to meet within 15 days of receipt (date of the first presentation of the mail by the services of La Poste), by one of the Parties, of the notification of the said dispute by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt sent by the other Party. In the absence of an amicable solution to the dispute within 15 days of the meeting of the Parties under the conditions referred to in the above paragraph, the dispute shall then be submitted to the competent court according to the terms and conditions defined below. In the absence of an amicable agreement, the Parties shall submit all disputes, even in the event of recourse to a guarantee or multiple defendants, to which this contract may give rise, whether for their validity, interpretation, execution or termination, to the Commercial Court of Nantes, except for cases where the dispute falls within the jurisdiction of the High Court of Nancy in application of the provisions of the applicable Intellectual Property Code. GLOSSARY User: Any natural person or legal entity browsing the site. Traveller: Any natural person or any legal entity having made a reservation and therefore contracted on the site. Owner: Any natural person or legal entity identified on the site in their capacity as owner. Service provider: Any type of third party, in particular a caretaker, craftsman, babysitter, caterer, shopkeeper, subcontractor, etc. Résidences Louis Services: All the different services ordered by the traveller from Résidences Louis.